Cagdas Socks is a company that has been serving in the Turkish socks industry for 35 years. With its 20.000 m2 closed area and modern facility, it provides quality products and services to its customers.

Our firm produces 50.000.000 (fifty million) pairs of babies’, children, women, men, baby / children and women's pantyhose with years of investments. We export 100% of our production to European and American markets.

Our company has more than 700 machines (Comet, Lonatti, Sangiocomo, Matek and Irmac) machine park with the capacity to provide customers with products and services.

Our boarding and packing facility uses Heliott steam ironing machines, which have the most recent technology in this field. We can form up to 360.000 (three hundred sixty thousand) dozen socks per month in our facility

Our production range also includes heavy gauge socks in 3gg-6gg-9gg machine sets which are capable of producing ski socks, trekking socks training socks, running socks and various technical socks. We have ample capacity for production programs such as school socks..

The toe-closing department has Rosso and Conti toe seam machines as well as having  hosiery machines equipped with automatic LinToe and classic toe closing capabilities.                    

We have a large and elegantly designed showroom for our customers, where we proudly display our wide range of produced socks.

With our work force of more than 500 employees, we are eager to provide our customers with a wide range of production and side facilities.



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